Fresh Chef Kitchen is here to make life easier, and healthier. Our chef prepared meals are inspired by food the world over. Every meal is designed to be satisfying, delicious, and health focused. 

Our meals are perfect for fine tuned athlete, the busy professional, or parents that have a million things to do. All meals come in a microwave safe container and can be heated up in 1-2 minutes. 


The Faces of Fresh Chef Kitchen

Shane Srsen

Chef and Co-Owner

Shane has spent his entire adult life in the hospitality industry. After over 15 years in the business he's finally bringing his own vision to life. Shane has worked for some of the biggest companies in the industry and served as General Manager, Executive Kitchen Manager, and Director of Operations.

Zeljko Srsen


Zeljko is a newbie to the restaurant world. He moved from his home in Croatia at the age of 16 and eventually settled in southeast Louisiana.